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Under the Equality Act 2010, publicly funded health and social care services have a duty of care to consider the needs of older LGBT+ people when planning and delivering their services to ensure that all their staff have an understanding of how to work confidently and effectively when supporting the particular needs of their LGBT+ clients.

As a result Opening Doors London have designed training to enable health and social care professionals who have direct contact with older LGBT+ people to better meet their client needs, as well as helping managers and senior staff to stay abreast of ongoing LGBT+ service issues.

All ODL training is endorsed by Skills For Care, informed by the latest LGBT+ policy, research and legislation and satisfies the equalities requirements of local Clinical Commissioning Groups, the Care Quality Commission and other bodies responsible for overseeing the quality of health and social care provision.

In addition, we bring rich personal experience to training and consultancy as all our managers, trainers and consultants identify as LGBT+ themselves and the courses we deliver are informed by the lived experience of over 1,500 older LGBT+ members of ODL who contribute to our work throughout London and beyond.

We offer a range of competitively priced public training at our central London office and provide consultancy services to help managers develop policies and procedures that satisfy requirements of the Equalities Act 2010. Our bespoke in-house training can also be a smart way to meet current organisational priorities as well as proving highly cost-effective for groups of 20 and above.

To arrange in-house training or management consultancy, or find out more about public training in 2018, please email and one of the training team will make contact to talk through your particular learning needs, timeframe and costings.

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Pride in Care

The Pride in Care quality standard, awarded to organisations assessed as providing quality care and support to older LGBT+ people, is attained through a short, step-by-step process, including policy reviews, staff surveys and internal training, supported by ongoing consultancy advice from our team of specialist LGBT+ quality advisors.

For more information about the Pride in Care quality standard and a confidential conversation about pricing, process and timeframe, please email


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