Public Training provided by Opening Doors London, May – November 2018

Opening Doors London delivers affordable training and consultancy in the health and social care sector, providing staff and volunteers with the knowledge and skills to enable older LGBT+ people to live happy, healthy and independent lives that are free from loneliness, isolation, prejudice and discrimination.

Our public training courses, run from Age UK’s national office in London WC1, are based on the latest policy, research and legislation, helping your teams stay abreast  of current equality issues, meet best practice and improve the quality of care and support to your older LGBT+ clients and service users.


All public training is delivered by experienced trainers and facilitators who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans themselves and additionally our courses also benefit from the lived experience of over 1,600 LGBT+ members of Opening Doors London who engage with our services.

Safeguarding Older LGBT+ People: Wednesday 26th September 2018, 10am – 1pm

Hate crime is on the increase and many older LGBT+ people are increasingly fearful of leaving their homes due to their personal experience of bullying, harassment and physical attacks. This short course clarifies hate crime law and best practice in safeguarding the lives of older LGBT+ people living at home, in shared housing and when out and about in the local community.

Cost – £49. BOOK HERE:


Freedom to be Ourselves: Wednesday 26th September 2018, 2pm – 5pm

Sally Knocker, co-author of ‘Safe to be me – Meeting the needs of older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people using health and social care services,’ gives practical guidance for health and social care professionals in how to provide a more inclusive and supportive service for older LGBT+ people.

Cost – £49. BOOK HERE:


Care Management of Older LGBT+ People: Wednesday 24th October 2018, 10am – 4.30pm

One-day course for health, housing and social care managers clarifying the legal, policy, recruitment, staff training and disciplinary issues relating to best practice in staff support of older LGBT+ service users including those living in care or supported housing.

Cost – £90. BOOK HERE:


Personalising Palliative Care for Older LGBT+ People: Wednesday 28th 2018, 10am – 1pm

The end of someone’s life is a time of significant vulnerability, both for the person who is dying and the family they choose to be around them. This short course for service providers and health and social care professionals reviews the latest research into LGBT+ palliative care and offers best practice guidance in providing personalised end-of-life support personalised to the particular needs of older LGBT+ people.

Cost – £49. BOOK HERE:


Bereavement Support for Older LGBT+ People: Wednesday 28th November 2018, 2pm – 5pm

Half-day course exploring the challenge of providing bereavement support to older LGBT+ people experiencing an uncertain future without their partner and with little family or community support around them.

Cost – £49. BOOK HERE:


For more information on any of the above courses or to speak with the training team about providing a course to staff at your own organisation venue please email: