Are you an organisation looking to use your time and resources to support your local LGBT* community?

Ways your organisation can support what we do

Opening Doors London operates with a very small, mostly part time staff team and about 100 volunteers. Your support can make a real difference.

Volunteering your time for a one off event or on a regular basis helps ODL deliver services and is of huge value to our members.

If you do any fundraising for us, the funds raised can be used to meet the running costs of existing services and to increase the reach of Opening Doors London so that many more older LGBT* people can be introduced to the project.

There are lots of different ways of volunteering and raising funds. We’ve listed some below and if you’d like further suggestions we’ll be very happy to chat about it.


Finding the money to keep the project going is one of the main challenges for Opening Doors London so we’d always be grateful if you’re able to fundraise for us in any way you’d like.

Raise a Glass campaign
A number of venues have raised money for us by supporting our Raise a Glass campaign. Running fun nights at their venues and using our ‘Raise a Glass’ coasters and collection tins to promote Opening Doors London is a great way to engage with your local community to support our older LGBT* population. Full details of our campaign are available here.

Run 10km for Opening Doors London
London Frontrunners is an inclusive running club for LGBT* and gay-friendly people who love running. Each year they organise The Pride Run 10K and your team could take part for Opening Doors London. If you register through their website and are interested in raising funds for Opening Doors London please let us know and we’ll help you to set up a fundraising page on social media. How about challenging other LGBT* staff and student networks to see who can compete the 10K fastest or raise most money for ODL.

Continuing volunteer opportunities
If members of your team would like to continue their support of Opening Doors London as a volunteer we have plenty of opportunities available to them. They could support us as volunteers by:
• Supporting us at one-off events like London Pride
• Attending our regular events throughout the month
• Setting up your own one-off events for our members
• Becoming a Befriender to an isolated member of Opening Doors London by visiting them once a week
• Other suggestions of yours based on the experience and skills of you and your team welcome!

Thank you!
Part of life is getting older and all of us hope that if we need support as we get older it will be available. Thanks again for your support for the members of Opening Doors London.

Please contact us to request a Partnerships pack if you’d like to explore supporting Opening Doors London in this way.