Our Rainbow Memory Café facilitated by Sally Knocker appears to have taken off well, with Sally saying “We couldn’t have wished for a more lovely group of gay men and women talking about how dementia impacts on their lives. A real sense of sharing our stories too from LGBT* venues in London which have come and gone, early Pride marches and coming out [or not] to our family and friends”.

This really validates the need for a separate and safe place for us to feel safe to be ourselves. It really needs more funding to enable us to offer transport, do more publicity and keep it going beyond 6 months pilot – so if you are able to help in any way, please let us know. And in the meantime, please promote … and come along!

The group will develop based on what members want, but will include time to share, tea and cake, information talks and some social activities. The group runs on the second Monday of each month. For more information and to register your interest please email sally.knocker@openingdoorslondon.org.uk or Adrian.beaumont@openingdoorslondon.org.uk