Opening Doors London includes a dedicated team of ODL Ambassadors.

Working with our Campaigns Officer, they aim promote greater equality for, and the civil rights of, older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and/ or Trans* people in London.

Their work helps ensure that older LGBT* voices are heard and that policy makers and service providers are made aware of the impact of homophobia, transphobia, bi phobia, poverty, and the wider range of discriminations faced by older LGBT* people and are appropriately responding to the needs of the community.

Ambassadors represent Opening Doors London:

  • in the media
  • at conferences
  • on Health, Care, and other strategic, policy and research bodies

Ambassadors share information about and plan opportunities together to raise the voice of the older LGBT* community and news from their LGBT* networks at friendly and informal gatherings which take place every other month.

New Ambassadors welcome

Are you a member of the LGBT* community who is over 50 years old and would like to work towards these goals?

After you’ve joined Opening Doors London as a member by filling in a membership form, if you are interested in hearing more about becoming an Ambassador please contact our Campaigns Officer to find out more.